Sophisticated understanding of the decisions and options that I faced as a long-term Deloitte partner approaching and after retirement; sensitivity to tax-optimization; responsive operational support; on-going attention to planning and impacts on portfolio allocation.

—  David Rosenblum, Corporate Director and Strategic Advisor

Baune Financial helped us get organized by performing a full review of our financial assets, modeling various scenarios to develop a plan to achieve a certain outcome upon retirement and legacy planning, streamline our insurance products and pre-fund our giving strategy while optimizing the latest tax regulations.

—  Dorothy Bonarenko, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

What I value most about my relationship with Baune Financial is their professionalism, competency, integrity and honesty.

—  Luigi Bernardi

Baune Financial has helped me achieve my financial goals by providing me a diverse portfolio of investments and insurance to help me match my financial plan.

—  Jim Swift, Former Chairman and CEO, Holmes Murphy and Associates

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