Big 4 Partners and Principals

Specialized Solutions for the Big 4 Professional Service Firms: Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PWC

As a Big 4 partner or principal, your financial needs are unique. You have incredible opportunities to grow, manage, and protect your wealth, but there’s also a great deal of complexity to contend with. That’s why you need a financial partner who understands your firm benefits and investment independence and can give you a holistic view of your financial landscape.

At Baune Financial, we can help you understand your options and make the right strategic choices with your benefits while avoiding costly fines and compliance violations. Much like a CFO supports a CEO, we help our Big 4 clients make well-informed decisions about their pensions, retirements, investments, and estate planning by using our proprietary planning process, Navigating Life By Design®. Everything is woven together into a customized blend of strategies, tactics, and tools designed to help you minimize taxes, maximize wealth, and reduce financial risks throughout all stages of your life.

Below are some of the advantages we bring to the table when serving Big 4 principals and partners.

  • Knowledge of Programs

    In-depth knowledge of partner programs, including qualified and non-qualified pensions, 401(k), profit sharing, required capital, and deferred compensation plans, including discretionary capital plans. 360-degree view of future contractual retirement cash flows (e.g. pensions, capital plans, annuities, Soc. Sec., etc.). Asset-liability matching driving asset allocation strategy.
  • Adherence to Compliance

    Acute understanding of and full compliance with independence requirements. Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC is an approved broker/dealer firm that participates in Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PWC broker data auto-feed for investment reporting.
  • Highly Experienced Team

    Team-based collaboration with over 220+ years combined experience delivering high-touch service and support. Includes investment specialists, trading desk, and advanced planning attorneys at NM.
  • Fiduciary Standards

    Fiduciary-based advisory programs through Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company (NMWMC). Adherence to customized investment policy statement (IPS) and ongoing systematic rebalancing based on target allocations, liquidity needs, and tax implications. Robust research from Morningstar and NMWMC to identify high quality, value-add managers and passive alternatives (e.g. ETF's and index funds).